2013 | Oggi Sorriso | smile today


Invited to take part in 'Good Design" exhibition presented during Milan design week, curated by BestUp, an organization focused on sustainability. Designed by James Ennis, 'Oggi Sorriso' is a perpetual calander, designed to educate childern 3 -5 years the concept of "date and time !

What day is it today ? tomorrow ? next week ?

How can you show or explain the perception of time to a 3 year old? A traditional calendar, does not work, well unless our little girl is 'silly' but even when I tried to explain it to her, I realised it is a silly format, and probably we wouldn't understand it either, time is somewhat taken for granted. How do we understand? - First we generated a time line, simple numbers and days in a straight line, then we used a post-it note to stick on the day, along the time line we put in events – when the weekend arrives – no school, a friends birthday or when daddy arrives in Milano… E Wow – Gloria has begun to understand ! Now she says in the morning "cambiamo il giorno?" … it works !

The Brief From Gloria - must be able to colour on it, must be able to put things on it, must be fun, her birthday must be in purple. From mama - must not be too big, not dangerous, come with stickers or accessories to attach to it, … …. … (not cost anything ? ) And me, a designer, I wanted it to be perpetual, to use minimal possible materials and have a little bit of playfulness.

Oggi Sorisso – educates and provokes play, it is perceptual Please contact us for further information, hig res images available on request.


GOOD Design 2014
Cascina Cuccagna, Milan